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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Gearing for land of Opportunity- The United States of America

Gearing for land of Opportunity- The United States of America 

Millions of people particularly from the developing country including thousands of Bhutanese long to travel to this land. However, due to lack of proper information, while many don’t know how to apply, some got scammed in the name of obtaining visa. Therefore, I am sharing what I knew about the how to apply for US Visa and how to travel to the United States with appropriate links and samples of the documents I have submitted to the US Embassy to obtain  visa and also other necessary information including travel and residing in the United States. 

Who can travel to the United States 

How to obtain VISA 
Since, obtaining VISA is the most important step, I would be discussing  the visa process and in detail. 

What are different types of VISA  and how much each visa cost*** 

Business/Tourist Visa
Work Visa
Student Visa 
Exchange Visa
Transit/Ship Crew Visa
Religious Worker Visa 
Domestic Employee Visa 
Journalist and Media Visa 

Among these many VISA, generally Bhutanese people would be applying the following Visa 

  1. Business/Tourist Visa (B)
  2. Exchange Visa (J)
  3. Student Visa (F)

What types of VISA permit the legal work 

Obviously the Work Visa would be permitted to work. But besides work visa, other visas like Exchange Visa (J Visa) or Student Visa (F Visa) does also permit an individual work under certain conditions.  For example, J and F Visa permits the work within the campus called On campus work for about 20 hours in a week and also may be permitted off campus under certain conditions. However, the dependents are normally not permitted to work. The actual visa holders get F1 for student and J1 for exchange programs and their dependents hold F2 and J2 respectively. 

Step I: Documents to be kept ready 
Before, you apply for Visa online, I found that following documents and information are necessary.

  1. Passport 
  2. CID
  3. Details of Spouse and children 
  4. Details of Parents 
  5. Details of Addresses 
  6. Health records if any 

Online application 
The US Visa requires two steps to complete the application online, the DS-160 Form fill up and Appointment (interview and biometric) 

Step II: Filling up DS-160 
The first step in the online application is to fill up the DS-160 Form 
What is DS-160 Form 

How to fill up DS-160 Form
First click here. 
On click, one should be able to view as shown below

Click on this option and select INDIA, New Delhi

Then go to the Language, Select English from this option

After selecting the English as Language, click on the start an application 

Step III: Making an appointment 
a. How to make appointment 
b. Payment of Fees (SEVIS and VISA Fee) 
c: What to get printed for the VISA Interview 

Step IV: VISA Process in New Delhi 
a. Biometric Process 
b. Interview 
c. See the progress of VISA 
d. Collection of Passport 

Travel to the US 

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